Friday, January 13, 2006

Would a state by any other name still smell like a refinery?

Other than some traffic-choked highways and refinery odors, New Jersey is actually a beautiful state.

But it does have an image problem.

So the state paid $260,000 to some consultants to select a new slogan for the state. They devised: "New Jersey: We'll Win You Over."

Not withstanding the $260K, the governor said it reminded him too much of when he was single and asked girls out on a date and so he nixed the proposed slogan. He decided on a contest.

One of the entries was: "
New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?" That didn't win.

The new slogan for New Jersey, submitted by a state transit worker, is "New Jersey: Come See For Yourself."

The guys in the photo went. They saw a really big fish. It seems to have made them very happy. Not as happy,
of course, as the guys who pocketed the $260K.


The Phoenix said...

I should've sent in my New Jersey entry:

"You wanna F@#$&%$ Piece 'A Me?"
easy there big fellow, the contest is over!!

mine would have been: "New Jersey: We Can Kick New York Butt"

I've spent considerable time in South Jersey -- amazing standard of living

siren said...

I think it should have been:

"New Jersey: We Only Stink on the Surface".

Ben Heller said...

Hey, I hope New Jersey is Ok. I've just started a new job for a company based in Mahwah New Jersey.

I hope to be visiting there soon.
it's at the top of the state -- snow skiing area -- very high incomes

The Phoenix said...

I lived in Newark as a child for a couple years...moved from the Bronx, so it was a step down.
is that how you also describe your move here ?????? :)