Sunday, January 08, 2006

Need some inspiration...

Oh sure, what are you doing to do when your commode already has a self-opening lid, heated seat, and (my personal favorite) the automatic washer? Why, get Toto's Apricot-Series Toilet, with its built in MP3 player, plus SD memory card slot! It's Buck Rogers meets Barry Manilow meets the Tidy Bowl Man.
At the copa (co!) copacabana (copacabana)
The hottest spot north of havana (here)
At the copa (co!) copacabana
Music and passion were always in fashion
At the copa.... they fell in love


siren said...

I think that toilet would scare me a little. What if it malfunctions? Some of our parts are not so easily replaceable.
the heated seat actually sounds like a good idea to me, one more reason why I wasn't a pioneer

Metal Mark said...

Whatever happened to just needing soft toilet paper and something to read?
wonder why we are so far behind the Japanese in toilet technology?????? I have to have someone read to me.

Ben Heller said...

It'll have a built in microwave oven soon, so you can eat to your fill and then wait.
I've been in hotels that have microwaves in the bathroom/wetbar area, which I always thought was a little gross.

stan said...

If you have a microwave within arms reach of your toilet, then you can heat up the roll of toilet paper while you're sitting there. Because wouldn't warm paper feel better than cold?
Please send the bills for fire damage directly to Stan!

If you try to dry your Jockey Shorts in the microwave, instead of the oven, they will catch fire. I speak from experience. My guess is that tp would go up like an Oklahoma prairie.