Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Copper Chopper


Ben Heller said...

The speed limit should be ignored in my opinion. You should be driving through that area as quick as you can to avoid a calamity.
that has always been my attitude, except in town where there might be children -- I have promised friends that I would stop driving 90 (144.8 km/h) or faster on the Interstates (expressways), I always liked to be the fastest car, but I did promise -- so now I try to hold it to around 80 (128.7 km/h) -- the speed limits are usually 65 (104.6) or 70 (112.6) -- I so hate it when anyone passes me, even if there are four or five lanes in each direction, but I have gotten better about it.

[Note to law enforcement officials: The above comments are for entertainment purposes only and are provided for the amusement of our listening audience. No wagering.]

Big Pissy said...

They weren't kidding, were they?
it's a photo that had been all over the Internet -- it looks like Virginia, they put those "enforced by aircraft" signs next to the left lanes of their Interstates (maybe other states do also, but I know that Virginia does) --

using aircraft is not legal in some states because the officer who sees the offense is not the same officer who writes the ticket (usually considered a denial of due process) --

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, keeps police helicopters in the air at all times, so there is almost no crime.

The Phoenix said...

Maybe they should use blimps.
not sure, but I believe it would be difficult to do a hot pursuit in a blimp

Bruce said...

I live in Virginia, and I can honestly say that, in my 36 years of driving, I've never been pulled over by a helicopter.
LOL -- yep, someone did a great job with PhotoShop -- Does that look like a Virgina highway and road sign to you??

siren said...

How do they get their donuts?
LOL -- we can always count on siren to see the important issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce said...

All the signs I've seen are on the right-hand side of the road, and they're usually placed conveniently near small airports. I guess they think if a driver sees a small plane overhead, he/she will automatically assume it's watching traffic, and slow down.
Bruce -- first picture on THIS PAGE, the sign is hard to see but the guy says what is says, plus a little editorial comment about Virginia's Finest!