Monday, January 09, 2006

Candy is dandy but liquor is more expensive...

It was 71-degrees F yesterday (21.67 C) so Rooty the Dog and I went to the country. We just got home a few minutes ago. I had a Snickers in the car on the way back into town, it reminded me of this site: You get to identify candy bars by their cross sections, what on earth could be greater than that!!!!!!


Ben Heller said...

The one on the right looks like Cadbury's Caramel...mmmmm!

One thing about the English.

Our Coffee is hopeless, but our Chocolate is the best.
send chocolate, I'll send coffee

Meagan said...

That game made me crave candy like crazy. And I got most of them right. Most. Pearson's Nut Roll? What's up with that?! Isn't that like a generic Payday?

love meagan

p.s. Yes, I know I'm way behind in commenting.
that's a little scary, I got three right!!!!