Thursday, January 05, 2006

It'll probably go condo...

Snow is one of the few things for which I save obscenities and vulgarities! Just the possibility that there might be flurries today has me in a bad mood. On the other hand, I don't live in a place where snow depth made having a two-story outhouse a necessity.


The Phoenix said...

Did the Keebler elves live in that structure? Complete with walnut elevator - actual walnut shell.
cute image - are you sure you is a scientist?

siren said...

That sure is fancy. Must be redneck nuevo riche.
it does give a new meaning to uptown

MH_Middlechild said...

A question comes to mind when looking at that picture. Since a normal outhouse works by digging a hole in the ground for "disposal" purposes, how could you have a top floor?

I, too, despise snow. Around here it stays snow for half a day and mud for a week. Also, at the mere mention of snow, people go into a state of hysterics.
two story outhouses were once very common -- there were two type, those where the snown got deep (Rockies and some part of the Great Plains) -- and those connected to hotels, tenements, and rooming houses -- for the latter type, there was usually a bridge connecting the second floor to the, ur, second floor -- these were very common in rural areas and in cities, when they tore down everything in St. Louis between 21th St. and essentially 36th Street (Grand Ave.), there were thousands of outdoor privies in the Mill Creek Redevelopment Area connected to the tenements (reason enough to flatten it all) -- the seats on the top floor are offset behind the seats on the first floor -- in the mountains, it all just fell -- in the city, there were plumbing pipes --and, yes, I really need a hobby