Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bumb and dumber

Have you ever noticed that people who are stupid are consistently stupid. On our way back from McDonald's, we followed a car down this street. It came to a full stop at the sign in the picture. Okay. It does sort of have a picture of a stop sign on it. The sign is there because there is a stop sign just a little beyond a curve up ahead.

Can you see this one coming?

When the driver who stopped at the sign that isn't a stop sign got to the actual stop sign he just went right through it! He neither looked in any direction, nor paused in the slightest. Since cross traffic does not stop, he was very lucky. You probably know this guy, he's the one who turns on his left blinker and then turns right.


The Phoenix said...

He's also probably the same guy that puts my bread with the canned goods when bagging my groceries.

How often do you and Rooty go to McDonald's anyway???
per day: we always go to McDonald's at least once, we usually go twice, at least once a week were go three times

siren said...

Jim - Growing up in rural Illinois, I've seen more stupid than I ever dreamed possible. Especially when the town I live in got it's first stoplight. You would have thought aliens landed :-)
I lived in a town that had an open house when its new ambulance was delivered, refreshments were served