Saturday, January 28, 2006

Terra Not-So Firma

Apparently, the military unit in this video decided to show off a little for the camera. The beach turned out to be not quite as firm as they thought it would be! Be sure your sound is on, the audio starts when they "hit the beach," you can hear the guys laughing under the music. My guess is that the plan was to land and then rush towards the camera with weapons ready. That was the plan.
Military Beach Landing Video

NOTE: The video is titled Belgiumelite so I assumed that the guys were Belgians. "Elite" usually refers to a special forces unit of some type. Mik says "from the kit and weapons, those are British Squaddies not Belgians." Apparently he recognized one of his British cousins stuck in the mud or something. I defer to his expertise and have changed the post accordingly.


Scott said...

That is just too funny. It looks like they landed in quick sand.
I like the guy has his butt stuck in the mud but still has his gun ready pretending he could actually do something!!

The Phoenix said...

Oh man, that was a true show of Belgium military prowess. They should just stick to waffles. Maybe America should invade them to save them from themselves.
don't you imagine they were set up, a little hazing, initiation, whatever.

I once jump off a boat in an inlet of the
Alton pool (the water behind a dam on the Mississippi River at Alton IL) and landed up to my waist in mud/quicksand/sludge -- the boat had to pull me out, my swimming suit did not make the trip with me -- some archaeologist will dig it out of that mud a thousand years from now and conclude that all of the natives in the late twentieth century wore loudly-colored short pants, or that they wore long pants and were four feet tall and color blind.

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Sad to say from the kit and weapons, those are British Squaddies not Belgians.

Thanks Mik! I corrected the post. I wish they had left the natural soundtrack and skipped the music. (More Squaddies below.)

:P fuzzbox said...

Those guys were set up in a bad way. Military pranksterism at it's best. With friends like these who needs enimas.
the enimas were probably for later that night, or the old British trick of flaming toilet paper!

Ranea said...

I am with Phoenix, let's invade Belgium. Anyone want waffles:)
you and Phoenix can have the waffles, he probably has coupons -- I get the chocolate

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I hope those two Paras ain't going to fire those SA80's or one will get powder burns and deafened!

my guess is the point of the picture was to look cool and impress women, which is true of so many things