Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Cannot Think of Any Good Captions for This Picture

"Waiter, there's more than a fly in my soap."


siren said...

That picture is so grotesque. It's like the Donner party on holiday.
It's the Tomatina Tomato Throwing Festival in Spain. You would think that it would led itself to great captions, but I'm just blocked. Below are some pictures of the streets after the throwing has stopped. The rule is to smash the tomato before throwing. Tourist cameras are the #1 target.

Ben Heller said...

It's Quentin Taratino's new movie isn't it Jim ?
"Pulp Friction"

isn't it 4 in the morning there????????

Mik said...

Okay, I just went off tomato soup!

Then do they let the bulls out, or maybe this is after the bulls have been out eww.

LOL -- hehe -- I like the ides of the bulls, all that red!!!!!!!

Ben Heller said...

Yeah I had to get up early to drive to Wales.

Spinster said...

Hm. Until I read it was the tomato festival, I thought maybe the Watermelon Fest in Greektown at Mizzou had gotten a little wilder since I was there.

stan said...

I thought those were people stomping on grapes, albeit really enthusiastically.