Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Put away that camera or I'm going to eat your face!

Rooty went to the doggie doctor today. Actually, he went to his doggie specialist in St. Louis. The terrific news is that his blood tests all turned out within the normal ranges, following several month of some apprehension. But he had a cyst on his tail that had to come off, which it did. It was just a cyst, however, so that was also good news.

When we got home, he climbed into his bed (above). He was tired -- you can see it in his eyes -- and not happy that I was taking his picture.

His bed has grown organically. There is actually a doggie bed under there someplace. That gray thing is a twin-size feather mattress doubled over. He really likes it. The blue thing to his right (your left) is a blanket from my bed. It and a couple pillows from my bed ended up in the family room and Rooty claimed them immediately. They have been part of his bed ever since. The red thing is my sister's blanket when she still lived at home (hehe). The white thing is the towel from my shower this morning that somehow ended up on the floor in the family room. What's missing from his nest is a giant comforter -- it has a white backing and his tail was still bleeding some so I put it in a chair.


Ben Heller said...

Rooty looks a cool dog. He looks like a real character.
he lives by a set of incomprehensible rules know only to himself

Willow said...

Glad to hear Rooty's doing well! Send him my regards!
he said Thanks

siren said...

Glad Rooty is Ok...Love the expression on his little face. He has mastered the "back off" look :-)
the first picture did not turn out, so he know that a second flash was coming, he don't like that!

The Phoenix said...

He looks cranky, but I would be too after having someone cutting a cyst of my tail.
that is about as cranky as he ever gets -- like all wirehairs, he will snap at me if I touch his feet, they take care of their own feet and want no help thank you