Saturday, January 14, 2006

" The new way to burn fat - set yourself on fire"

"Women who want to lose weight are being offered a startling new way to burn fat - by being set on fire. Would-be slimmers are flocking to a spa in Hong Kong that promises to reduce their waistlines by smearing them with Chinese herbs, dousing them with alcohol and then setting light to them, all for £78 a session [about $138]."

"The treatment, which lasts about 90 minutes, begins with a body scrub and a spa bath, followed by a massage in which the fatty area, the buttocks or stomach, is pummelled and kneaded like bread dough."

"Next the skin is basted with a thin mud-like solution - a concoction of Chinese medicinal herbs which includes powdered buffalo horn, Chinese angelica, ginseng and caterpillar fungus - before the area is wrapped in cellophane, covered with two wet towels, then doused with alcohol and set alight."

SOURCE: The London Daily Telegraph


The Phoenix said...

Gives new meaning to "Can you feel the burn?" to the world of weight loss.

I heard caterpillar fungus is good for irritable bowel syndrome and powdered buffalo horn is great for cramps.
cramps???? I've been buying powdered buffalo horn for a whole other purpose

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I think you got Rhino horn and buffalo horn missed up Jim.

so that's what I've been doing wrong! no wonder I'm home alone on a Saturday night!

ps. please send grandkid cookies

siren said...

Women do the dumbest things. I wonder how they discovered this would work in the first place?
setting yourself on fire to lose weight is so far past dumb that the light from dumb has yet to reach there yet