Friday, January 27, 2006

No person is allowed to sit on it, but...

Rooty sleeping on grandma's sofa last weekend.

"Put that damn camera away!"

"I'm going back to sleep. Get a life!"

[Yes, there is a TV behind the sofa. I don't know why.]

[You can see Rooty's right front leg is sticking straight out, hanging in mid-air. I have mentioned before that is how he sleeps. If he sleeps on his back, his legs are straight up.]


Crazy Dan said...

The Rooty pictures always draw very, very young visitors so I put this comment on hiatus. -- Jim

Ben Heller said...

Rooty gets the best spot to sleep in the house. What makes me smile is he always looks so un-perturbed.
He views me with mixed amusement and pretty much does whatever he wants.

Big Pissy said...

Rooty is simply allowing you to worship him with the picture taking....don't you know that HE owns YOU?

That's the way it is with dogs.

I know. I have two. :)

Love the pics! :)
he is not fond of the camera, especially the flash, you can see in his eyes his total dislike of it

The Phoenix said...

Is that a stuffed elephant he's cuddling with?

I've seen those pics of Rooty with his legs sticking straight up - that's the funniest thing.

One of my dogs, Snoopy, just had a big cyst removed from his side. He's wearing a lampshade and I put a dog jacket on him to keep him from scratching his stiches. He looks like an alien dog right now.
Rooty just had a cyst removed from his tail, so he empathizes with Snoopy -- hope Snoopy is doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!