Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Meanwhile, in Tejas

Phoenix did a post today about blimps -- yes, of course, I did a phallic joke -- so I wanted to talk about the Helium Museum in Amarillo. Oddly enough, it seems to have disappeared. For years there was a sign on I-40 marking the exit to the Helium Museum, I was always hoping that it hovered a few feet above the ground. Maybe it finally just floated away.

There remains a Helium Monument in Amarillo (pictured above). It used to be right along I-40, but it now seems to be in another location. They claim the Army moved it, I prefer to believe otherwise.

Speaking of Texas, Mr. Toast has a terrific post about Texas drivers. No matter where you live, you will recognize that what Texas drivers do is very similar to what the drivers near your home also do. The following is just an excerpt, the full post is a great read.

On the Houston freeways in particular, everyone practices what I call the "hole theory" of driving, which is as follows: you own the "hole" that exists between your front bumper and the rear bumper of the car in front of you, and you guard it at all costs. This hole must be large enough to allow time to react if the car in front of you slows down or stops (the trick to this is to watch the brake lights not of the car in front of you but the car in front of him). But, if your hole is too large you will be taken advantage of and every other vehicle on the freeway will cut you off mercilessly. You might as well display a large sign on the front and rear of your car that says "PLEASE CUT IN FRONT OF ME. I AM AN IDIOT."


Ben Heller said...

Somebody told me Jim.
That you can spot a Texan car and driver from miles away.

1. It's generally a Pick Up truck
2. It's usually got an old Warshin' machine on the back.
3. The fender is being held on by stickers.
if there am a warshin' 'cheen, it must be rich folks.

I lived in Texas for a long time -- it is the only place I know of where drivers regularly just create their on freeway ramps by driving across the grass

siren said...

That is one of my biggest driving pet peeves; I always try to leave enough room in front me in case I need to stop suddenly (which is frequent on 270) and it's like an invitation for people to cut in front ot me. I hate it!
the worst spot in St. Louis is the single-lane, right-angle, on-ramp for I-55 and I-44 onto the Poplar Street Bridge. the trick is to not rear-end the car in front of you but not leave any space for the drivers who feel they are too important to get in the right lane like everyone else to cut in at the last second.

The Phoenix said...

I have my own "hole theory" about those drivers that cut me off.