Monday, January 23, 2006

Inspecting the "troops"

Here we go again (see January 2nd). Click on the photo to see a version with the green ban removed. Was that Cialis just before the awards ceremony really a good idea?


The Phoenix said...

Maybe they should make them take a dip in the cold water before the ceremony.
I think icy water might be necessary.

NOTE TO EVERYONE -- I am now way over the legal limit for pictures of guys in Speedos!!! The same is true of ballet dances in tights, Jim Edmund grabbing Tino Martinez, and any English rugby team on a bus. Thanks, but please send no more.

Ben Heller said...

That's Princess Anne isn't it ?

Looks like she's choosing her meat, and the aide in the white coat has the vegetables ready for her approval
there' at least one princess in the picture, and probably Princess Anne too. :)

Ben Heller said...

Meat and 2 veg, a good healthy diet.
maybe it's something that they found in the water

Carnealian said...

Good Lord, does anyone need to know that much information about their "troops?" And where can I get the official inspector job?
I'll send an application. Experience is a plus.

:P fuzzbox said...

I don't know what the award was for but it looks like they had a chance to rise to the occasion.
it's why the green men won, and the blue men didn't

Crazy Dan said...

I thought when someone was being inspected they stood at attention... they seemed kind droopy to me.
they should have sent Prince Andrew instead!

Spinster said...

I'm guessing they did it on purpose as a prank. Is it Anne or an old picture of Margaret?

Anyway, I'm not impressed.
Ben says it's Anne -- at least they had a good turn out for the event

Anonymous said...

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