Friday, January 13, 2006

Facts to mull on Friday the 13th

The most dangerous white collar job is pilot.

Approximately 365 Americans drown every year in their own bathtubs.

Men are six times more likely than women to be struck by lightning.

Thirty-five Americans die per day from falls.

125,000 people are injured in or because of a bed every year.

Only 26% of bicyclists admitted to hospitals were due to accidents involving a collision or near miss with a car. All the others just fell off their bikes.


Ben Heller said...

The one about the injuries in or around the bed I can totally believe. I bust my toe accidentally kicking the foot of the bed.
the relevant question is whether you were next to the bed or in the bed at the time.
if you were next to the bed, what a dumb thing to do.
if you were in the bed, way to go Ben!!!!!!

The Phoenix said...

I feel much safer knowing the many ways one can injure or kill themselves.
and, now it's snowing, on Friday the 13th, it will be completely Looney-Tunes time on I-270

stan said...

Heh, I fell off my bike when I was a freshman in high school, and had to go to the hospital for a deep cut on my chin and "green-stick" fracture of my right arm.

No car was involved, just a loose nut on the front axle, causing the wheel to fall right out of the forks. So I guess I would've been in that other 74%.
Stan -- the front wheel of your bike came off while you were riding it? There is no macho way to get up after that accident -- plus any head cut produces tons of blood -- did it hurt the bike?

siren said...

I fell out of a bunk bed and broke my collarbone when I was in elementary school..the last day of the schoolyear too. Kind of took the fun out of summer break :-)
bunk beds for kids probably one of the most dangerous things ever invented -- I knew a guy who fell out while in grade school, just like you did, he permanently lost hearing in his right ear

Ben Heller said...

Going for a pee in the dark is not good for your feet. Always turn the lights on.....that's how I kicked the bed.
you must attribute all such injuries to either sexual exploits or skiing accidents, it's one of the Guy Rules

moni said...

Hi Jim, well a very happy Friday the 13th to you. Have a safe drive out of town. Try to avoid those crazy Missouri road signs and generally enjoy your weekend. Probably a three day weekend for you and Rooty.

Let's not talk about accidents in bed, around the bed, or otherwise, ok???
Hi Moni!!!!!

It's still snowning, but not sticking to the streets, just the grass and trees.

We are actually saying home this weekend. No one that I know is off on Monday and I don't feel like going to the country alone.

Even as I type, I'm installing air bags on my bed...


stan said...
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stan said...

I was cutting a corner across someone's yard, and I wanted to catch some air on the downward slope of the driveway. I lifted the front wheel; and for a split second, as the wheel was rolling ahead of me and the empty forks were in the air, I wondered, "Is that my wheel?" I crashed, straight down on the forks, still holding onto the handlebars...I flipped over the front and landed chin-first on the asphalt.

I needed tons of stitches in my chin...guess why I usually have it covered up with a goatee?

The macho scar
"Is that my wheel?" <==REALLY FUNNY!!! [Is Fun Stan going to come out an play again on Dinglemunch? I miss him!]

Why not just have the scar minimized with plastic surgery? Or, of course, tell people it's a skiing accident. "I fell on my bicycle" will impress no girl. I know a guy who sliced his cheek on the side of a pool -- he tells people it was a knife fight.

stan said...

I was riding toward the house of a girl I had a crush on...does that count?
only if you're into pity sex :)