Friday, January 06, 2006

Let's get this behind us!

There seems to be a new craze called Make Your Own License Plate. We have all seen a car or a truck driving around without a license plate and thought "How do they get away with that?" Some folks seem to have moved beyond no plate to just making a plate of their own.

I have seen a pickup several times that has a Confederate flag as its rear license plate. "How do they get away with that?" Since we are not anywhere near The Confederacy, I have to assume that it's some kind of political and/or racial statement.

A few weeks ago, I saw a car with a Korean War Veteran plate. I thought "That's really nice, I'm glad the states are doing that." When I was right behind the car at a traffic light, however, I realized that there was no state name on the plate, or any kind of date. They guy apparently just made himself a plate. "How do they get away with that?"

Today may be my favorite. I followed a pickup on the highway for a considerable distance that had a John Deere license plate. That's right! The plate had a picture of a farm tractor and said "John Deere." "Now just how do they get away with that?"

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siren said...

I always wondered how that was legal...I guess if they have a legit front license plate, anything goes for the back plate?
I think you have to have the rear plate, but they let you go if the front is missing, buy don't quote me :)