Monday, January 02, 2006

In many ways, this might be a good idea...

You can go to and order products that have been placed in you favorite TV show or movie. Manufacturer's pay to have their product appear, and now you can buy them online. There are relatively few shows and flicks listed so far but my guess is that this will catch on -- hey, I'd like to have one of those cool retro shirts that Charlie Sheen always wears (Two and a Half Men). As best that I can tell, most orders are filled by So, if you have a hankering for that Dassault Falcon Jet that appeared in Princess Diaries 2, eVisure is the place for you. Please have your credit card ready.


Meagan said...

I've been to that website before!!!
did you do a post about it, if so I'll take mine down

Meagan said...

no, sadly, I'm not creative enough to have done a post about it. Haven't you noticed yet that all my posts are about myself? :-)

love meagan
hehe, I thought maybe you mentioned in terms of buys things for yourself LOL -- and I really would like one of those Charlie Sheen shirts, and my birthday is very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Retro shirts, try your local thrift store they usually have masses of them. I keep meaning to pick a few up.

the local thrift store is known as my closet!

oddly enough, Cosmo Kramer wore the same shirts as Charlie Sheen

Meagan said...

Okay, and I'll, uhhh, mail that shirt to you as a January 2 present to you through blogspot
You are my favorite!

Meagan, do the shirts come in a size that large? David

Meagan said...

I have never seen Jim! How would I know what size "that large" is?
Blondy has gone out for the evening so I have reclaimed the PC. I buy extra-large shirts so people will think that I'm losing weight.