Tuesday, January 03, 2006

post with short shelf life [Posted by David]

[I decided to remove the image but otherwise leave the post. Jim]

Jimmy will be back about eight. He told me that I could not post anything to the blog. "And I really, really mean it!"

Getting in the shower with him bugs the hell out of him. So I do. Hi everybody. Dave


Willow said...


I would like to see more of your "artistic photos"

Thanks so much,

Mrs. Robinson

notjim said...

Mrs. Robinson. You were someone else before. And you became Chinese. I did not know it was that easy to convert.

I will post more pictures that I have digitized if I can find them on Jimmy's computer.


Jim said...

Suzi -- please do not enourage him, and, does anyone own a cattle prod??? -- I you are unable to read this, it is because I have removed the entire post