Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bloggy Time Killers

An odd news day:

A woman in Arizona claims her unborn child entitles her to drive in the High Occupancy Vehicle freeway lanes. I suppose, maybe, if she were pregnant with sextuplets... SOURCE: East Valley Tribune

Malcolm in the Middle's older brother Reese is buying the California home of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey where the Newlyweds was taped. No word if he also gets custody of Nick's omnipresent brother Drew. SOURSE: KESQ

The rebuilding plan for New Orleans will allow former residents to rebuilt in the areas that flooded. Anyone who has lived in the South will understand completely. SOURCE: New York Times

It seems that 15% of the workforce is drunk on the job. Didn't you think it would be higher? SOURCE: Reuters

Diamond pet foods are being recalled in 23 states because it kills dogs and cats. Did they just not think that would be a problem? SOURCE: NBC News

Only 1/3 of Americans know the words to the
Star Spangled Banner. The other 2/3 are contestants on Street Smarts. SIURCE: KSDK

In response to a growing prison population, the president of the Idaho State Senate has proposed that, rather than building more prisons, prisoners would share beds and sleep in shifts. The "sleep in shifts" seems to be the new part of the plan. SOURCE: Reuters

And finally, just when things were not wacky enough, the governor of California has admitted he does not have a license to drive a motorcycle. He has been riding his motorcycles on the state's highways for years and was recently injured (along with his 12 year old son) in a motorcycle accident. One more time, it's the "Do as a say not as I do" attitude of our fearless political leaders. SOURCE: Chicago Tribune

UPDATE: In the Denver area, a man was about to be sentenced for recruiting two teenage girls over the Internet so they could (1) have sex with him and (2) then kill him so his wife could collect his life insurance. Before the sentencing could take place, both the man and his wife committed suicide. And now the strange part, they left their $500K home in a trust for their pet parrot. That's right, the bird gets the house. SOURCE: KUSA Denver


siren said...

Wow...there's just an endless supply of crazy out there :-)
it's the old rule: The more normal someone appears to be, the more he or she is hiding!

The Phoenix said...

Why would the governor of California need a motorcycle license? He's The Terminator!

That weird life insurance plot reminds me of the cannibal that put an ad out for someone to allow themselves to be killed and eaten...and one dude actually answered the ad and followed through. I think it was in Germany.
I can't get a date for Saturday night and somebody finds someone who agrees to become Bœuf bourguignon

David Amulet said...

Around here in DC, we often hear stories of people pulled over in the HOV-2 lanes because the passenger next to them ... well, it's not a person--it's a mannequin or another PLO (Person-Like Object).

Everyone likes to get home a few minutes earlier, sure. But I'd rather not have my name in the paper for riding in cars with blow up dolls.

Again, that is.

-- david
David -- I've heard it said many times that you and your inflatable doll make a handsome couple!!!!

We have no HOV lanes in this area, since it would involve math.

Ben Heller said...

I look.....from over the pond...and think....that's why I love America.

Seriously Jim, there's never a dull moment
Ben -- I once read about an Anglican minister who, while in seminary, wrote seven sermons -- one for each of the Seven Deadly Sins -- he then preached them in strict rotation in his parish in the English countryside, one each Sunday, for the next thirty years -- now that's comedy!!!!!!!