Thursday, January 26, 2006

Are the Smurfs Really Pink?

Are the Smurfs communists? Do they spread dissension through communism? Are they a manifestation of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto? Have the Smurfs indoctrinated the youth of America with god-less communist propaganda and recruited them as mindless zombies in the international communist conspiracy? This guy seems to think that maybe they have? The guys below may prove his point.


Ben Heller said...

I started to read all that stuff from the link.

I started thinking "some people have too much time on their hands", and then I thought "What are you doing reading this Ben ?".

Where do you get this stuff Jim ?
the guy is a good writer -- at first I thought it was a joke, cleverly executed -- but I think he was serious

The Phoenix said...

I had heard about this...amazing how bored some people must be.

So if the Smurfs were Communists,
and Gargamel was a Capitalist...

Does that make the Thundercats a Dictatorship?
exactly, and when your little boy is watching cartoons be sure the explain the geopolitical significance of each :)

siren said...

I actually read that post, and while he does make valid points you have to admit it's still a little crazy :)
if only he would use his powers for good :)

Meagan said...

That photo is like the bluemangroup gone bad.

I did a post on smurfs about a year ago... Here's the link if you (or Ben) want to waste more time reading up on them!

smurfy madness

p.s. I don't know if I did that link may or may not work...

love meagan
Meagan found the commie-smurf post first, so she wins (it comes up about 7th in a Google Smurf search) -- here's one that accuses them of both marxism and being anti-feminist (sort of mixing your political metaphors) --

-- by the way, Ben is the guy in the middle in the photo (the other two, of course, are Stan and Phoenix)