Monday, January 02, 2006

Nothing rhymes with David, so I colored him orange

I have not written about second-cousin once-removed David for a while, but he is here annoying me, so I will.

First, Phoenix, the two deleted comments today on your site were not my fault. See David, second cousin, once removed.

Second, he is here to house sit while I'm away tomorrow (meaning he's here to baby-sit Rooty the dog).

Third, much like Stan, David's hair has grown out from the ultra-buzzcut to being actual hair again. Now, if we could just get Davey to wear pants!

Fourth, the best line of 2006 so far, from his girlfriend, at dinner on New Year's Day with his parents (these are the same parents who are just now getting over his posting semi-nude pictures of himself on a website): "David says he wants to become an underwear model." [Sound of glass breaking!!!!!]

Fifth, David (21) kept saying he wanted "chest hair" for Christmas, so his brothers gave him boxes of hair, and a Chia Pet.

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