Saturday, January 21, 2006

Freeway Frolics

SignMaker is an online java applet. You can make Interstate signs, U.S. Highway signs, and state highway signs. I have pretty much amused myself with it all afternoon.

You cannot save the signs directly but there are instructions about how to save them. I did ALT + Print Screen and then "Paste as New Image" in Photo Editor.

The applet takes a little time to load, then click "Show Signs and Control" -- this is very faint -- it is at the bottom of the applet box when it fully loads.

You can also download a version to use on your PC.


Ben Heller said...

Thanks Jim,

I downloaded it,and I'll have some fun.
Wolverhampton seems to have no road signs:

Willow said...

Your 270 sign is now my background picture at work.
it's a fun applet -- I was thinking of birthday and Christmas cards