Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is being dumb illegal?

The driver decided to cross the tracks, but didn't want to bother going to a crossing.
The tracks are the mainline of the Union Pacific through Missouri (formerly the MoPac), about 50 west of St. Louis. Train traffic was stopped for 30 minutes.
I would love to know what the two cops are saying!


siren said...

It's when stupid meets impatient that the real problems start.

The cops were probably saying "It's too bad they stopped the train."

The Phoenix said...

Yeah, it's too bad they did stop the train. Otherwise, this idiot was a major contender for the first Darwin Award of 2006.
There are 80 freight and four AMTRAK trains across those tracks each day, so it's a wonder they didn't get hit -- it probably took the UP dispatchers in Omaha the rest of the day to get the trains all running again -- must have been rich kids since the names weren't released

Ben Heller said...

I didn't know it was the cops in that photo.

It says "LICE" on the car.

I'll pass your comment on to them, in case ye ever this way cometh <== I'm still reading Elizabethian histories, tonight Elizabeth & Leicester by Elizabeth Jenkins, so a lot about the Warwick area and Warwick Castle

Ben Heller said...

I went to the top of the main tower at Warwick castle 6 months ago. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone with afear of heights. Warwick is an outstanding castle, and its really in good shape.

Jim, are you really interested in the Monarch system or just the Tudor era ?
at the moment, just Elizabeth and Dudley -- is it a love story??? -- is it a murder mystery????? -- I grew up in a very political family so how the Dudleys gained patronage and favors and lost them is very interesting (and, oddly has not changed much in 450 years) -- Robert Devereux is also fascinating, but I still have not figured out what happened to his brother Walter -- pity they did not have DNA testing and security cameras, heads would have really rolled!!!!

Ben Heller said...

Lots of heads rolled during Elizabeth's time, so I'm led to believe. I have read and heard numerous times that she was very mistrusting, and would have someone beheaded on a whim, and then regret her decision to the point of hysteria later.

I don't ever believe that she was "The Virgin Queen". I think she played the field with a number of suitors.
"Virgin Queen" was one of the great jobs of branding of all time, since the term was not promoted by her handlers until after she was of child bearing age --

from what I have read so far, she really tried to avoid executing people, and was successful in doing so until fairly late in her reign -- it is amazing how often she was right while the men around her were wrong (at the same time they kept referring to her as a "mere woman")