Friday, April 30, 2010

This just got ridiculous!

Ozzie and I were eating our lunch at one the the local McDonald's -- the one attached to a gas station.

That tanker puller diagonally behind me. Before I could get out, that guy pulled the hose in back of me. I was in the second space, you can see me trying to back up.

"I need to get out."

"I'll be 45 minutes."

Then the fun ensured.

I called ConocoPhilips. The lady was nice. She transferred me to the station owner. He was nice.

He especially liked the part where I went up to the counter in the gas station and asked who was in charge.


He really liked that part.

I'll keep you posted.


Arizona is now the only state where you can be arrested because your name is Jesus.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Dead man was stabbed"

That was a headline in today's STL Post-Dispatch.

My first thought was "Why would anyone stab a dead man?"

Hurray for Hollywood [Sign]

For some reason, Howard Hughes owned all of the land around the famous "Hollywood" sign. His estate now owns it and they want $12.5 million or they plan to cover the slopes with condos. UGH!

A community group has been trying to raise the money, but like a true B-Movie, they fell short.

To the rescue at the last second came none other that Playboy's own Hugh Hefner, who wrote a person check for needed $900,000. The sign is saved. Hefner comes across as a good guy. And, the Hughes estate is richer.

Schwarzenegger didn't contribute and cash, but he did show up for the photo-op. Politicians, don't you just love them!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The tree does not fall far from the apple.

Apple is now very close to being worth the same or more than Microsoft (stock price x number of shares outstanding).

Oddly, this is good news for Microsoft since it is a major investor in Apple.

It would also be good news for the Rockefeller Brothers who were the initial major investors in Apple, except that they are all dead.

NOTE: News update: David Rockefeller is alive and 95!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I always park my car far away from everybody else!

But someone will always park next to me!

Maybe it's my magnetic personality!

Maybe they're just know!

The brown SUV in the DISTANCE is mine.

When I came out a Kohl's that truck, in an almost empty parking lot, had parked NEXT TO ME.

It has to be some kind of personality defect...probably related to potty training.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

The simpliest way to write "Jesus"

The image is of "Jesus" in a first century Hebrew text.

The letters roughly translate y-sh-oo-a (switching from right to left to left to right).

The pronounciation would be Y'shua (or Joshua).

The name can also be written with one or more Hebrew letters for h, pronounced he (producing Yehoshua).

Translation to Greek got rid of the ua, since Greek men's names cannot end in an a. They changed ua to us.

The Greeks also had no Y so they used I.

The J was not invented until the middle ages.

Happy Easter!
Note:  There is great disagreement over how "Jesus" would have actually been probounced. Part of the problem is that the last letter above (on the right, it looks like a Y) -- named Ayin -- is silent (like the H in honor). This might produce Yey-soo or Josh. Although the Ayin is silent, it does indicate that the word should end with an exhale from the back of the throat -- like Fonzie's "Aaay!" Other places in the Bible, where the Ayin is preceded by an H-sound, are easier to translate as "waa" as in Joshowa -- JHWSH, plus an Ayin at the end, producing JHWSH' by modern convention.

Friday, April 02, 2010