Monday, April 26, 2010


I always park my car far away from everybody else!

But someone will always park next to me!

Maybe it's my magnetic personality!

Maybe they're just know!

The brown SUV in the DISTANCE is mine.

When I came out a Kohl's that truck, in an almost empty parking lot, had parked NEXT TO ME.

It has to be some kind of personality defect...probably related to potty training.


moni said...

You know Jim, I don't understand it either. I watched my husband park next to a car when the entire parking lot was empty and I asked him why he did that; he just looked at me like I was crazy! When I ask something like that he thinks I just want to start an argument. What's wrong with us Jim?????

Jim said...

Moni -- a friend is Austin used to do that, until he parked next to the only other car in a parking lot, and his wife opened the paaasenger door, and the wind caught the door, and the door did $700 damage to the car he parked next to. (The door not only scrapped the paint, dented the other car, but also smashed into the side mirror.)

stan said...

We just bought a new car last year and I try to park it away from other cars, too. Inevitably, some beater 1988 Dodge K car or equally crappy rust bucket will park next to it. I can't explain it either.

Jim said...

Stan -- I knew a fellow in Austin who used to drive slow in the fast lane on the freeways to see how much traffic he could back up -- maybe the cuddle-parkers do it just to annoy us???