Monday, July 30, 2007

T U.S. researchers create schizophrenic mice

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Scientists have genetically engineered mice that develop the physical and psychological characteristics of schizophrenia, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

In other words, mice who like to ride mass transit.
:P fuzzbox said...

Disney Mice that can hear voices in their head would be really confused. They wouldn't know if they were Mickey or Goofy.

Fuzz, I hear voices in my head, but mostly it's Hugh Downs, go figure. -- Jim

David Amulet said...

What's next? Maybe mice wwith A.D.D.

David, excuse me, I wasn't listening. -- Jim

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Comments on comments

Moni liked the music of the guy who proves in eight thousand equations how many people in a room will have the same birthday. She also corrected the http for her blog.

Only Metal Mark commiserated with my manual overload -- so only he gets invited to the new pool (as soon as I read the manual on how to open the automatic cover).

The Beckhams in bed brought comments from Metal Mark (they are unavoidable), Moni (who did a review of the motel room), phoenix (who is waiting for Jesus to play soccer, or something like that), and David Amulet (who mentions Felicity Huffman who was on Sports Night the greatest TV show ever so David's a great guy).

Willow's back and suggests if you want to set fire to your boyfriend to start with his socks. David Amulet thinks the torched boyfriend will take the firebug back, that has been true in every abusive relation I've known of.

Stan thinks the Hawaiians license plates came from eBay -- trust me, no one here is that computer literate! Moni says the car might have been shipped back by someone stationed in Hawaii in the military. Possible, but it wasn't a special car of any kind.

Moni wasn't as unset about the transfer of power using a FAX as I was. The President pro tempore of the Senate is also notified.

Phoenix is correct in pointing out that that little guy roaming through the rain forests is not alone, he'd have a producer, a sound guy, and one or two camera guys. The Dirty Jobs guy shows his crew every now and then. Moni thinks the whole thing is just dumb, but she's still mad that they made New Mexico a state.

Phoenix wants me to try Purell Hand Sanitizer as toothpaste. Not sure why. Maybe it's something the aliens taught him

The flat tire on my lawnmower: Yes Phoenix, this is the second time. Amy says one more reason not to cut the grass. Amy, later I'll tell you about the ground hornets. Stan says he's had a flat on a wheelbarrow -- I've found that the tire on mine just goes flat slower over time. The lawn mower tire goes flat in about an hour.

And, that was the week that was. Jim
Metal Mark said...
Here is a comment on the comment about comments. Ohh, my head is starting to hurt.
6:56 PM

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh, so you had a bad day? Boohoo!

I had a flat tire on my lawnmower.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No matter what stupid thing you did this week...

I poured bleach onto the clothes in the washing machine instead of laundry detergent.

I win stupid.

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Monday morning bitterness

Am I the only one who hopes the Man vs. Wild guy gets eaten by a large animal?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

How about at least a Candy-Gram?

Am I the only one surprised that the executive powers of the President of the United States is transferred to the Vice President by sending a FAX to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi!

I'm not sure that any type of ceremony would be necessary but, give me a break, a FAX!

Nautical miles per gallon

Saw a car in the Schnuck's (grocery store) parking lot today with Hawaiian license plates -- how? -- why?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lettuce Prey

The local Catholic high school (I'm in Missouri) has installed one of those two-sided LED signs, the kind you usually see in front of banks and pawn shops, that display the Woodstock-version of a waving American flag interspersed with inane messages and the time and temperature. The school's motivation, I assume, is a lesser know passage from the Sermon on the Mount: "Blessed are they who distract passing motorists with climatic date for they shall inherit the Weather Channel."

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Woman accused of trying to set boyfriend on fire"

The headline above was a headline in today's newspaper.

I believe that, technically speaking, after you strike the match he's no longer your boyfriend!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Beckhams are here!

Google News ran articles on the same page -- under Sports and under Entertainment. (Photo above, upper left and lower right.)

Their house cost $22 million.

It has 13,000 square feet, plus the cement pond of course.

The first thing they did when they got here was take off their clothes and pose for W magazine. (Below)

Not sure how all this is going to play in Peoria and Possum Trot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Attach Part Y to Part K, and then stand on your head!


I'm being crushed by the sheer weight of the User Manuals that I need to read!

So, of course, I'm not reading any of them.

I mentioned before that I have a new computer that has Vista. I use the features that are unchanged from XP and simply ignore the rest.

The computer came with Office 2007. It seems to do the same things that the older versions did but with mind-numbing new menus. They changed simple things like "Copy" and "Paste" for no discernible reason. I refuse to have to resort to Help to learn how to write a simple paragraph using Word.

I also had a security system installed in my house. I had burglars three times when I lived in Austin and it is not a pleasant experience, but I did learn not to keep anything of value in the house. I just thought I would feel more comfortable being away if there was a security system. It came with a users manual and a DVD, neither of which I've looked at. I've learned to turn it on, and off, and what to tell the security company when I accidentally set it off. It does all kinds of fancy things but I'm certain I'll never know how to use them individually. I just leave the whole damn thing on all the time.

And then there's the new underground sprinkler system. It came with two manuals and two DVDs. There are 12 separate zone, each of which can have three separate start/stop programs. I just turn it to "Test System" when I want to water the lawn and to "Stop" when I want it to, you know, stop.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday time waste x one billion

Many Mondays I have given you ways to waste time now that you have to be back at work. This week is a little different. I found a guy who clearly had the ultimate time to waste. Scroll down THIS PAGE and see if you agree. On the other hand, maybe he was just a state employee.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

If you build it, they will leave!

St. Louis was always Number 3, after New York and Chicago, in terms of number of corporate headquarters on the Fortune 500 list. But now, gone are the parent headquarters of:

Southwestern Bell (now ATT)
Ralston Purina
McDonnell Douglas
General Dynamics
Mallinckrodt Chemical
Jefferson Smurfit
The May Company (Mayco)
Missouri Pacific Railroad
Trans World Airlines (TWA)

Fortune 500 corporate headquarters that are still here, followed by rank by Fortune:

Emerson Electric 115

Express Scripts 132

Anheuser-Busch 146

Monsanto 323

Ameren 339 (Union Electric)

Charter Communications 409

Peabody Energy 431

Graybar Electric 450

Energizer Holdings* 636 (Energizer and Eveready batteries; Schick and Wilkinson blades and razors)

Ralcorp Holdings* 905

*Once part of Ralston Purina, as were Nestlé Purina PetCare, Purina Mills (animal feeds), and Wonder Bread.

Monday, July 02, 2007

It's Monday, who knows if this is a waste of time or not...

It's a site to determine your risk of certain diseases -- something to do while chopping down your break-time Hostess Twinkie.

It all has some credibility because it 's on the website of the Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis, past of the Washington University medical complex.

See if you can follow this:

Barnes Hospital is named for the banker who long ago put together the corporate structure of Anheuser-Busch.

Jewish Hospital moved next door.

St. Louis Children's Hospital was also adjacent.

All three merged, with Barnes-Jewish as the adult teaching hospitals for the Washington University School of Medicine and Children's the children's teaching hospital.

Then a holding company was formed: Barnes-Jewish-Christian when Christian Northwest Hospital was acquired.

Then, they acquired Missouri Baptist Hospital! What a great name it would have been: Barnes-Jewish-Christian-Missouri Baptist Hospital. That's a lot to put on a logo, however, so it all became BJC Heathcare.

Along the way, they got the Queeny fortune (founders of Monsanto) and Danforth fortune (founders of Ralston Purina).