Saturday, July 28, 2007

Comments on comments

Moni liked the music of the guy who proves in eight thousand equations how many people in a room will have the same birthday. She also corrected the http for her blog.

Only Metal Mark commiserated with my manual overload -- so only he gets invited to the new pool (as soon as I read the manual on how to open the automatic cover).

The Beckhams in bed brought comments from Metal Mark (they are unavoidable), Moni (who did a review of the motel room), phoenix (who is waiting for Jesus to play soccer, or something like that), and David Amulet (who mentions Felicity Huffman who was on Sports Night the greatest TV show ever so David's a great guy).

Willow's back and suggests if you want to set fire to your boyfriend to start with his socks. David Amulet thinks the torched boyfriend will take the firebug back, that has been true in every abusive relation I've known of.

Stan thinks the Hawaiians license plates came from eBay -- trust me, no one here is that computer literate! Moni says the car might have been shipped back by someone stationed in Hawaii in the military. Possible, but it wasn't a special car of any kind.

Moni wasn't as unset about the transfer of power using a FAX as I was. The President pro tempore of the Senate is also notified.

Phoenix is correct in pointing out that that little guy roaming through the rain forests is not alone, he'd have a producer, a sound guy, and one or two camera guys. The Dirty Jobs guy shows his crew every now and then. Moni thinks the whole thing is just dumb, but she's still mad that they made New Mexico a state.

Phoenix wants me to try Purell Hand Sanitizer as toothpaste. Not sure why. Maybe it's something the aliens taught him

The flat tire on my lawnmower: Yes Phoenix, this is the second time. Amy says one more reason not to cut the grass. Amy, later I'll tell you about the ground hornets. Stan says he's had a flat on a wheelbarrow -- I've found that the tire on mine just goes flat slower over time. The lawn mower tire goes flat in about an hour.

And, that was the week that was. Jim
Metal Mark said...
Here is a comment on the comment about comments. Ohh, my head is starting to hurt.
6:56 PM

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Metal Mark said...

Here is a comment on the comment about comments. Ohh, my head is starting to hurt.