Thursday, January 26, 2006

Now this is just wierd

I do the grocery shopping for two elderly people (90+) -- I need the Karma and they bake me cookies. This means that when I go to the grocery store, I'm shopping for three people and have three orders to keep separated in the cart. I go at odd times since I always have three orders at the checkout and I don't want there to be any people behind me going crazy.

I went yesterday evening. I don't buy much for myself (since only Rooty eats in) so my stuff goes where other people put their kid. I then use some large item to keep the two remaining orders from co-mingling in the larger part of the cart.

I had just about finished yesterday when I realized that I need to go down the pasta aisle and pick up some shell-pasta. Rather than push the cart, I left it at the end of the aisle and went and got what I needed. When I got back, the cart was gone. At first, I thought I had just forgotten where I put it. Then, I realized that someone stole it! That's right, someone swiped my full cart of groceries. Two store clerks helped me look but we could not find it. Whoever took it must have headed right for the checkout.

Why? Who would want someone else's unpaid-for groceries? Could anyone actually be that lazy?

So, I had to start over, and find all of those items again.

How weird is that?


anonamom said...

Hi, just blogging through. Wow someone that hates shopping more than me. I've got to consider stealing a cart hummm. Just kidding.
Remember to wear gloves while shopping and pushing the grocery cart around. The germs on grocery carts are incredible, sick folks with their hands on the handles, also think about the carts that have kids with their wet diapers, or dirty shoes sitting in the cart. Remember to protect your foods from the surface of the grocery cart.
An idea to keep foods separate for you, is to use the small carriers and put them in the cart.
the supermarket that I go to provides sanitary wipes, I use those -- my entire goal in food shopping is to see how fast I can get in and out of the store -- self-service scanner checkouts have helped, as has parking on the sidewalk :)

siren said...

That may be the laziest shopper on record; content to have whatever you're having. Very strange.

That's very nice of you to do shopping for the elderly :) I'd send you cookies for being so nice, but I've been told to stay out of the kitchen. One case of food poisoning, and all of a sudden I'm the bad guy.
I'm still trying to figure why anyone would want three quarts of milk!

One case of food poisoning and that's a problem, what kind of whimps you been cooking for???

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Some people will take anything, bastages.

Carolyn was getting on a bus yesterday and someone stole the umbrella from her backpack. She saw the hand grab it but there were too many people around to see where the person went to.

that's just scary!!!!!!!

you should definitely NOT do testimonials for the Seattle bus system!!!!

Ben Heller said...

Maybe he or she was also doing shopping for 90+ year olds. What was in the cart looked familiar. Anyway, bad luck.

I also do weekly shopping for my next door neighbour. I know what you mean about getting confused, having your own shopping and someone elses to do.

Saturday morning I go to the his shopping...come back..put his shopping away...then go mine...and follow ?
there were no unattended carts!!

you are right, if there are more than ten items for any one person it is best to shop, go home; shop, go home; shop go home -- otherwise it is just too confusing.

my favorite "bring-in-the-carts-from-the-parking-lot" 18 year old was there, gathering carts, it was about 31 degrees* with a brisk wind, he was wearing shorts and a freebie t-shirt from some radio station, completely indifferent to the cold.

*-0.555555556 degrees Celsius

Graham said...

I can see a warped logic to it. Many people get into a routine of buying the same old stuff over and over again. I'm often eyeing up other peoples groceries in the check-out line and thinking 'why didn't i think of getting that?' Random cart stealing may be this person's way to add variety to their buying habits.
could be! I hate to think that anyone's life it that pathetic!!!

stan said...

Jim, I think I've come to realize what your blog is: it's a hilarious documentary in written form. Seriously.

If I was a filmmaker I would want to be filming all of these things. The weather-oblivious cart round-up kid; Rooty and his affinity for tools and loud yard appliances; the crazy drivers on the St. Louis highways; strange road signs; and on and on.

Most people's lives have their own silly, odd moments; you have a knack for telling us all about yours. That's awesome!
do you owe me money????

stan said...

if I could figure out how to take a picture of cart-boy without being arrested for stalking I would.

:P fuzzbox said...

What are the odds of someone else having the same exact grocery list? It boggles the mind.
it was a Wal*Mart Super Center -- my guess is that whoever took it went to another part of the store, I only looked in the grocery section -- I went to the front of the store and told the people working the courtesy counter but they seemed very unconcerned, even when I told them there was ice cream, milk, and eggs in the cart -- if they had said "We'll have someone help you find it," I would have searched through the rest of the store --

in contrast, I went to the Walgreen's right across from the Wal*Mart to pick up a couple things on sale -- one item had a coupon taped to the shelf but I could not find the same coupon in the flyer -- when I checked out, I asked the clerk, she looked in her copy and she could not find it -- she said "I'll go check." -- when she came back, I said "Did you see the coupon on the shelf." -- she said "Yeh, I brought it with me, we'll just use it!" -- it scanned and I saved $1 -- now that's service! -- I need to add that it was about 11:00 PM (23:00) so there was no one else in line, but it was still a classy thing to do

Big Pissy said...

And I thought I was lazy!!!!

OOOOOhhhh...Wal-mart! Anything can happen there!
there were 12 visible security cameras, you think they would have said "We'll check and see who took it!"

Ranea said...

How sweet of you to shop for others. But how creepy to think that you have a shopping stalker, just waiting for you to leave your unattended for a split second. Maybe you can rig up a security cam on the cart.
I have found stories about wallets and purses and keys stolen from carts, and carts stolen from parking lots, but nothing similar to what happened to me. It has gone from being annoying to being creepy.

Anonymous said...

I've totally had that happen. For a few minutes I thought I was crazy until I realized someone had taken my cart. However, I was able to find the cart unattended with a few extra items by the dairy case. You see the beer 'cave' was a walk-in and right next to the dairy case. I was sure it was mine because of what I'd bought and had sliced at the deli. So I took the extra items out and placed them on the top of the shelf outside the door of the beer cave.

The moral is "If you're going to steal someone else's unattended shopping cart, don't leave it unattended."