Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One Peak Minute Over the Line

I was searching for the appropriate bumper sticker to buy for my car when I came upon the following picture of a streaker at a New Zealand rugby match.

That's right, he's talking on his cell phone while he's streaking in a stadium.
My guess is that it wasn't long distance.


:P fuzzbox said...

I wonder if he was just talking on a phone sex call and the urge overtook him.
maybe, they said he dialed 1-800-555-fuzz

The Phoenix said...

My Lord, does the sun not shine in New Zealand? That man is nearly transparent.
it does on one island but not the other, that's how they tell them apart

Ben Heller said...

He's not streaking.

He's wearing the new "Headless Man" range of underpants that are wowing New Zealand girls.
that a funny thought, a streaker wearing a skin-tight bodysuit like the movie stars wear when they're supposed to be nude -- would that be modesty, of a failure to commit?

angel, jr. said...

He may have gotten further had he used blue-tooth technology with his phone.
angel -- LOL

Bruce said...

He's the new pitchman for Verizon. "Can you hear me now?"
LOL -- and wouldn't you like to tackle that Verizon guy, maybe with your car!