Thursday, January 19, 2006

How about underwater bowling?

Left alone, any bunch of guys will eventually create a new sport. This one is called Underwater Hockey -- it's billed as the only sport in which the players are not able to breathe. They seem to think that's a good thing. Exactly the same would be true for spectators, of course, which is probably why there ain't none!

"The idea of the game is to use the pusher to push, pass or flick a 1.3kg (3lb) puck between team mates to get the puck into the opposing team's 3 metre long goal (called a "gully") at the end of a 25 metre pool."

"There are 10 people in a team, but only six are allowed in the water at one time. This results in fast substitutions which resemble tag wrestling. The idea is to work quickly, and then get out to recover. This increases the speed and exhilaration of the game."

It is probably superfluous to add that all this originated in England.


The Phoenix said...

Amazing...and I thought cow chip tossing was the weirdest sport in the world.
this actually looks like fun! my guess is that if you are older than 19 it would be deadly.

Ben Heller said...

THIS IS A POST FROM BEN HELLER -- the system froze as I was answering it and the original disappeared.
Where the puck do you get these stories Jim ?

That's better than our other sports, and I include Cheese Rolling, and Village Fennel of which I sometimes still play.

My team The Old Clevians play Four Fields Farm on Sunday. They beat us 14 - 4 last time out with an excellent performance from Jimmy Tetrad who had the Chervil down for a Fennel before we knew what had hit us.

Tempers frayed and a dispute was ended when The Reverend John Smyth-Liphook had to be escorted off the field of play.
for some reason, I thought you more of a bog snorkeller or shin kicker than a cheese roller! It's an island, I guess you folks have to find some way to amuse yourselves. I tried to find people here interested in hot penny throwing but they just hit me with sticks. I assume that you grind and smoke the fennel.

Ranea said...

In college the guys I knew played frisbee golf, also a game born out of boredom and probably a few cases of beer.
When I was in school in Austin, it was Sudden Death Golf, the point of which was to play golf until the last, last possible nanosecond before you had to leave to be someplace (class, date, plane, work, whatever). The one who quit first lost.

Ben Heller said...

Yes, we had shin kicking and its still an organised school sport, along with Meatfly (the art of competitive ear lobe flicking).

Although I have seen Cheese Rolling competitions I have never took part (those guys are really crazy).

Fennel is quite simple. The Fennel can only be moved in the palm of the hand with the thumb held free. The Fennel must not ride above knee height, and the idea is to spin aound on the ball of ones foot inside the Circum and break the Chervil in one fell swoop. This constitutes a Fennel and play restarts after each Fennel is scored.
that's right, the cheese rolling guys are the crazy ones, sure!!!!

will you post a link to a game site for fennel, I cannot find one?

My other two favorites from England are (1) the holding of a schoolboy out over the Thames once a year while everyone sings and (2) mob football.

Mob football is essentially a riot, the rules are simple:

  • Committing murder or manslaughter is prohibited. Unnecessary violence is frowned upon.
  • The ball may not be carried in a motorised vehicle.
  • The ball may not be hidden in a bag or rucksack.
  • Cemeteries, churchyards and the town memorial gardens are out of bounds.
  • Playing after midnight is forbidden.

Ben Heller said...

By the way,

I like the photo you included of the Cheese Rolling competition.
it's from one of the official cheese-rolling sites, which is difficult to type and not smile a little