Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another chance to win a quarter...

Why is this house three stories tall but only one window wide?


Spinster said...

Because it was a tiny sliver of property that the least-favorite child received from his parents upon their deaths, so to spite his siblings he built a house that fit on the lot but blocked their views.

Dave_NotJim said...


The picture is of an old movie drive-in near Johnson City, Texas. The screen is on the backside of the house.

You can see the projection booth and candy stand in back of where the cars used to park.

Jim said these were at one time very common and one was featured on the HGTV network. HGTV story about similar house

Jim took the picture from his car window after driving around the building. A family was living there at that time.


Spinster said...

So...do I get a quarter or what?
for guessing wrong???????