Saturday, January 14, 2006

One Man's Tool Is Another Dog's Pleasure

It was windy today, but warm, so we were outside taking down the remaining Christmas decorations.
One of Rooty's favorite toys is the shovel. I don't know why. He plays with it vigorously. He digs in its blade. He spins it around. He turns it over and over with his nose. He chews on its handle. He runs with it in his mouth, somehow always grabbing it at its center of gravity.


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Has he whacked you across the legs with it yet?

many, many, many times, especially when I race to get between the shovel and the car

Ben Heller said...

Those are great Jim.

Is he available for hire this summer as I'm looking to replant the borders and my mutt is useles with a shovel?
he is the same with the hoe, and the rack, and the broom -- if anything has a wooden handle, he chews through it

siren said...

Rooty is so cute :-) Maybe he has a green paw; you should buy him some more gardening tools.
"green paw" <-- hehe

I named him Rooty in the first place because he likes to root out flowers and other plants, it was either that or call him "Dirty Nose"

ms.rtb said...

very cute.