Monday, January 30, 2006

The Guys at Google are Having Way TOO Much Fun Again!

It's Google explaining how they rank pages.
Here's a hint: the image above is part of the explanation.


Ben Heller said...

So now I know how they keep one step ahead of Yahoo and Lycos.

Like the British army used Pigeon Post in WW1, the guys at Google have took on the War mentality
it really is a cool place, everyone gets to be a billionaire and make up silly explanations for how they did it.

are you related to Ben Heller, the photojournalist?

Ben Heller said...


If I were related to a Photo journalist I would make a better job of editing Pics on my Blog.

By the way, I had another Hoff moment.
you see his original photos on eBay every now and then and, dad, I finally recognized the name!

be careful, first hoff, then meth