Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm writing this to myself...

Please don't read this, it is only meant for me. The Bloggy Awards did a review of my blog, but I don't seem to have won the car. If you are reading this, please stop. It's Jim appears to be worth a glance, much like a dead armadillo along the side of the road. I told you to stop, don't make me come over there! Even if I didn't win the car, you'd think there would be a glazed ham or something as a consolation prize. Ham sounds good, doesn't it? It must be time to go to McDonald's. Rooty's feet are wet, probably from the rain, if he walks over the dirty laundry it will dry them. Should I wear long pants or shorts, I wish I had a kilt. I was certain there was a car involved. I just saw my naked self in the web cam, now that's entertainment!


Willow said...

Web cam? Ewwww!
Eat your heart out honey, it's only for my entertainment! That didn't sound right did it????

Willow said...

LOL, that sounds even worse!

The Phoenix said...

What a strange review...

At least the reviewer gave high marks for banter in the comments section. Hey, you still do stand-up comedy...but it's only in front of a mirror.

I couldn't stop myself from reading your post...I will try harder tomorrow.
Jay -- this is all your fault of course! and my gutters still aren't clean!!

I actually was W.C. Fields in a previous life ( "He secured a position on an ice wagon, where his collateral was soon frozen. . .").

Oh wait, I feel a political musing coming on!

Wow! Was it good for you?

siren said...

Never mind them, Jim. They obviously don't know what entertains you also entertains us, most specifically me. What's more important than that :-)
Thanks Siren -- it's Visual Aesthetics that drug me down to a C average, and I always thought the pictures were the funniest part -- the review does not seem to have caused any great increase in visitors -- the one thing that is wrong is that I do write it for all of you, why would I write it for myself (talking to myself is enough companionship) -- Jim