Thursday, February 09, 2006

Zoo uses Swedes to tempt gay penguins to go straight

The Bremerhaven Zoo in northern Germany, has 10 male penguins -- six have become same-sex couples.

So, the zoo flew in four female penguins from Sweden
in an effort to tempt its gay penguins to go straight and procreate.

But, that brought complaints from gay-rights groups.

So, the zoo issued a statement saying:
"...of course we accept the male couples that have formed and we are not trying to enforce heterosexuality."

Greetings from Planet Earth: They're birds!!!!!!!


Ben Heller said...

The world we live in makes me laugh, because if I didn't laugh I'd surely cry.
I think it's especially funny that the imported penguins are from Sweden -- the penguin-version of the Swedish Bikini Team

Ranea said...

Come on don't the Gay activist have bigger issues then birds to worry about?
I have a friend who was harangued by another woman for not filing a sexual harassment complaint when a male co-worker complimented her hair. If you believe the universe is an omelet, you go around looking for bits of egg.

:P fuzzbox said...

The bi-sexual contingent of the Gay Activists might get a little upset at the other contingencies. Bi-Sexual penguins have rights too.
I have this image of German gay-activists marching around in leather pants demanding equal rights for gay birds, like a Monty Python sketch.