Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sorry, No Habla Martian

Steven DeGraeve appears to be a creative fellow with lots of time on his hands. On his site you can translate web pages to Yoda, ROT13, All your base are belong to us, Boston accent, Canadian, simple hax0r, Ebonics, Valley Girl, Binary, Jeff K, Ultra Leet, Martian, Pig Latin (above), or Smurf. The default website is CNN but you can change that.

He also has this amazing list of utilities:


:P fuzzbox said...

How tough could it be to translate into Smurf? When I was young, we would just walk around and say stuff like, 'Smurf this' or 'Smurf you'. I still use smurf when I talk occasionally. I guess the blue dudes warped me.
I was always color blind, I thought they were green for years and years.

siren said...

I use the Magic 8 ball to make all of my important decisions :)
I must admit that I have one on my desk, and do use it now and then, although I do find the Ouija Board to be more reliable !!!!

stan said...

The Invent-a-Word is most likely the culprit behind "Cruci-Fixin's".
LOL -- you are funny, you should consider starting a blog of your own! :)

stan said...

Nah, too much work.

an original said...

Actually, Steven DeGraeve is a hack who ripped off the site www.stripcreator.com, except he subsituted original art with MS clipart. Plagiarism and failing to give proper credit is hardly original.