Thursday, February 09, 2006


First-time visitors: there is an explanation of who Dave is in one of yesterday's posts.

Dave: I think I should have my own room.

Jim: You do.

Dave: So I can put up some posters?

Jim: Sure. There are some framed posters in the attic. Take out the old posters and roll them up and put in your own.

Dave: In frames, just like old geysers!

Jim: I think you mean "old geezers."


Dave: "Old geezers" is redundant.

Jim: You're right, it is.


Dave: I meant "old geysers" because geysers are show-offs.

Jim: You cannot tape posters to the walls.

Dave has left to go run on the hike & bike trails -- I went upstairs to see what he had done -- he did get the old posters out of the attic and hung them, frames and all, on the walls in the guest room -- then, being Dave, he taped his posters to the fronts of the poster frames.


Ranea said...

Don't be an old geezer tape is better than tacks.
I know he said "geezer" -- "geysers" was a really good save, he's quick on his feet :)

Brandon said...

Taping posters on the frams is the only way to go. Nice work.
he could have gone the other direction and put them on the walls with SuperGlue, he's very literal