Thursday, February 16, 2006

Missouri has gone multilingual...

Missouri has its driver's manual online...

...a good thing... English... Spanish...


...and I bet you didn't see this one coming... Bosnian!

CLICK HERE for the offical Missouri site
Scroll to near the bottom of the page.


Willow said...

St Louis has one of the largest Bosnian communities in the country. Most are recent immigrants and have very little English skills when they first arrive.
my recent experience:
fence installers, all Bosnian.
carpet installers, all Mexican (who never did realize that I understand Spanish).
electricians, all annoying 20-somethings with an attitude.

The Phoenix said...

I believe St. Louis might even have the highest concentration of Bosnians in the country. I remember when they started coming in during the mid-90s.

I've seen a Bosnian newspaper printed here in St. Louis too. Pretty cool.
For years and years, the SIU-Edwardsville radio station played Serbo-Croatian polka music every Saturday morning, it was terrific, but they quite.

Immigrants from the area that was Yugoslavia settled in Granite City. Immigrants from Italy came to work in the steel mills along the River des Peres in St. Louis, and every night walked "up the hill" to their homes.

siren said...

We have a group from Bosnia that works on the cleaning crew in the office building where I work. They seem very nice, but they don't speak, they could be calling me all sorts of horrible things and smiling, and I'd never know :)