Sunday, February 19, 2006

Just when you thought there was nothing left to connect to your USB port:

How about a USB Noodle Strainer, $120?

Click here for a video of the noodles being strained, although they look like they're
just whirling around to me.

The purpose of this is beyond me, as is why it needs a USB connection.

As best I can tell, it does not heat the noodles. In fact, you add ice cold water, and then the noodles. After they have swirled around, then you try to catch them with your chopsticks.

Even if you wanted ice-cold, wet, soggy noodles, is bobbing for pasta really something you should be doing next to your computer?


David Amulet said...

Perhaps the USB is used to ensure that the event can be viewed live by millions. It's the high-tech, modern version of watching grass grow.

-- david
I like the idea of the swirling-Noodle Web Cam!

The Phoenix said...

I think people just keep coming up with these dumb USB gizmos out of sheer boredom.

I still like the USB christmas tree you showed us, though.
See Phoenix's page for the many uses of the USB Anal Probe

stan said...

Next up:

USB Miniature Dishwasher
USB Sock Drawer Organizer
USB Post-Hole Digger
USB Studded Tires
USB Opera Glasses
USB Artificial Leg
USB Bean and Cheese Burrito
LOL -- there are German tires that each have their own IP address, and send messages to the car (and maybe to a service center): "Hello, I'm a little low on air."