Friday, February 10, 2006

They am exactly what the box say they am...

Click the box.


Ben Heller said...

I got to the bottom of the box, and I didn't understand any of the ones that I opened.

I guess it must be "in" American humour. Confusion reigns for me on that one Jim.
Ben -- do you not understand the premise -- "You're ugly and nobody likes you" -- or the specific fortunes that you got. [I bet Elton would understand them. :) ]

Ranea said...

I never knew my own belly button lint would be my down fall. Now I am scared.
an old trick is to add "in bed" or "between the sheets" to whatever misfortune you receive -- some restaurants have them in place of regular fortune cookies

The Phoenix said...

I did get a real fortune cookie that read, "You need to stop being so spiteful."

I crunched the fortune cookie and threw it onto the floor.
I think it's important to be assertive with a fortune cookie, very macho of you. :)

stan said...

"You will get the Q, but not the U, in Scrabble"...between the sheets??? :)
It works some of the time (see below). How about "You will get Q in bed, but not U in bed, in Scrabble Between the Sheets"

Belly button lint will cause you grief in bed
The previews will go on forever in bed
Someone will smite you in bed
You will be cutoff in traffic in bed
You will forget to set the alarm clock in bed
A bad song will get stuck in your head in bed
A collection agency will find you in bed
The weather will oppress you in bed
Luggage will be lost in bed
They will get your order wrong in bed
Bruises will appear in bed
Weight will be gained in bed
A bumper sticker will offend you in bed
A T-shirt will be stained forevermore in bed
Your mood will swing in bed