Friday, February 03, 2006

A note from Jim

Jim sent the email below and asked that I post it. Dave.

Suzi and Jay have both discontinued their respective blogs.

Suzi's blog is gone completely and she may be being held captive someplace by the NutriSystem people. She is a terrific person and her weight-loss efforts have been inspiring.

Jay's blog had become ground zero for cleverness in the blogosphere and his unique format has been copied by many other bloggers. His blog is still up but he is off doing secret work for the CIA or Krispy Kreme, I'm not sure which, I didn't quite understand that part.

We hope their respective homes be safe from tigers.



siren said...

My understanding is that The Phoenix is on a short hiatus of sorts, but will be back.

Bruce said...

Yes, Phoenix is off to clown college to become the next Emmitt Kelly.. ;)