Monday, February 06, 2006

Put "Birth" Back In B-Day!

My birthday was Sunday. Oddly enough, there were parties all over the town I was visiting, most given by people that I did not know at all. I usually stayed until the toasted trail mix ran out or the police arrived, whichever came first.

David (second cousin once removed) is going to stay for about two weeks, or until I smother him in his sleep. When Rooty and I got back home, David said he would clean out the roof gutters for $50. It seemed like a reasonable price since that's exactly what I have already paid him twice since September without a single leaf ever being removed. Feeling that mind-numbing audacity should always be rewarded, I gave him the fifty. If you know of anyone who will actually clean the gutters, please let me know.

As I noted in the previous post, all hell seems to have broken loose in the blogosphere while I was away. I am hoping that both Suzi and Phoenix will return in some new reincarnations. I heard that Phoenix is coming back as Shirley but that's probably just a silly rumor.


siren said...

See what happens when you leave? I know it's all connected somehow.

Glad you're back :) Hope you had a great birthday.
I am not the least sentimental about my birthday, which only makes others wants to force some type of celebration or festivities upon me. There was cake, however, so I smiled and endured.

Ben Heller said...

Phoenix will be back. It's in his name. And he needs to comment on his latest Popmaster victory.

BTW, welcome back Jim. Hope you had a good birthday.
thanks, it came with cake

stan said...

I wondered why people were wishing you a happy birthday on a blog post that had nothing to do with birthdays. I would have joined them, but for some reason I got the feeling that those folks were all being duped somehow.

Now that I know it really was your birthday, I'll wish you a happy belated one. Furthermore, because you are not sentimental about that particulat calendar day, I'll wish you a happy 364 days until the next one! :)
Stan -- the post had been loger but I nuked part of it -- the fact that I was going away for a few days for my birthday appears to have been in that part.

Belatedly yours, Jim

stan said...

(Particulat - Swahili for particular)
careful, dyslexia is contagious

Willow said...

I'm not really gone if you remember me!
I figured it was the same old story: woman loses weight, dumps old friends for new thinner friends, old friends win lottery :)

Spinster said...

Happy Belated B-Day, Jim! I was sad when you were gone and am happy you're back. Also, I'm happy that you have a place for people like that skinny fried rice chick to keep in touch.
I have not heard from her via email so I do not know the "why" -- but I am glad that she is still stalking around out there someplace :)