Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well, the blade is never going to get dull...

When he came home from his date, Dave used my shower, which is near my computer, After his shower, he put on a pair of boxer shorts and that red and white plaid cashmere sports jacket that he was wearing this afternoon. (I have no idea why, and didn't ask.) He then came in to sit on the sofa by my computer and read a paperback.

This was our conversation.

Dave: I shaved my chest.

Jim: You had no chest hair to shave.

Dave. Now I will have to shave my chest everyday.

Jim: Why, to keep it from getting dusty?


siren said...

Dave may want to consider laser hair removal instead of shaving. Maybe they could prorate it for the amount of hair?
They could charge him $10,000 per hair, it would not make any difference!!!!!!

Like many blond, blue-eyed guys, he has a freakish lack of body hair.

Mik said...

The hair on his chest is called Tony, because it's the tony one he has, boom boom. Sorry bad joke from my Dad.

Get him some Naire and he can slather it on everywhere to remove unwanted hair.

boom, boom, I love junior-high school jokes!!!!!!!!! my roommate in college was on the swim team, he de-haired his entire self, and did all his team mates, I was never convinced that hair would slow you down in the water, but they insisted that it would, maybe that's why muskrats are such slow swimmers :)

Ranea said...

I wish I could say the same for my husband. I told him when he dies I am gonna have him skinned and made into a throw rug
LOL -- I think Dave's problem is that his friends are getting hairier and he's not, so he's going to shave his chest everyday to explain the lack of chest hair, just a guess, it's Dave so it could be a billion other reasons.

I talked to a guy at a party who was having his chest cleared via laser (30-something, just divorced, spends major time at the gym trying to become 20-something again) -- I asked him if it hurt, he said like a thousand little cattle prods -- it also takes five or six treatments, I figured it was just one time and zap.

The Phoenix said...

What about his back?

You can shave your own chest, but how the heck do you shave your back?

Ask him that - that'll keep Dave busy for hours.
my ex-roommate, the swimmer, they used to shave each other's backs, like coal miners wash each other's backs -- since none of the swimmer had back hair it was more of a bonding thing -- (if any of them had been gay, he would have drown, accidentally of course).

I would like to be there when David tells his parents that he shaving his chest, they will not be amused -- on the other hand, I think it's hysterical, coming close to the time he dyed his hair red, bright red