Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It snowed this morning!


Spinster said...

Sooo pretty! Thanks!
Pretty, and melting fast, what we like to see in a snow storm!

Bruce said...

Ugh...snow. I wish I lived in SoCal or Hawaii where snow is nothing but a four letter word...
today's was not bad -- it's still snowing but it is not sticking to the roads -- Illinois dumps LOTS of salt on the highways, the city does the same for the streets -- Hawaii does sound nice!

siren said...

The snow was really beautiful, but the drive to work was a nightmare. I'd just like to add that I didn't see any cars off of the road until I got to Missouri, which I believe says a lot about Missouri drivers :)
it's part of MODOT's plan to ease highway congestion, every 10th car goes in the ditch!

Carnealian said...

Those are some beautiful pics!! We've been very lucky this year with dodging the snow. I like to see it in pictures, not on my driveway.
I shoveled the driveway -- it was a fluffy snow so it was quick and easy. I hate snow but the big trees need it to survive.

:P fuzzbox said...

We had a sunshiny day here without the usual blowing dirt. But I would have traded it for a snowstorm. It is way to dry around here.
when I lived in Odessa, there would be little piles of sand on the inside window sills when I came home in the evening -- it blew through the little space between the windows and the frames -- the wind was that strong, and the sand was that fine

Willow said...

Hey - where's the photos of scraping the windshield and shoveling the driveway?
the snow was so fluffy I just sort of pushed it to the sides of the driveway -- if we have a heavier snow I'm going to use the snow blower and make a video -- it's pretty funny in that small driveway