Sunday, February 19, 2006

Next time popsicle boy...

It was 9-degrees F (-13C) this morning at 2:30 AM as I was speeding down I-44 in St. Louis on my way back home. The freeway, four lanes in each direction, was almost deserted. I was being pretty good, pushing it by a little, maybe 8 or 9 mph over the limit. Right at the Kingshighway overpass, an ice cream truck passed me as if I were standing still. It must have been doing 90!

A few things:

(1) I still resent being passed by anyone, but I am getting better. ice cream truck!

(2) Who would have guessed that an ice cream truck could move that fast?

(3) Do you think some poor guy had to use his ice cream truck for a date?


:P fuzzbox said...

4) Think it was the Clown from 'Twisted Metal'.
I thought of the pizza delivery car in Last American Virgin, the all-time bad-date vehicle.

The Phoenix said...

Maybe a renegade ice cream vendor.
I was thinking more like "someone my sister would date"

stan said...

Maybe those trucks naturally move faster when the exterior temperature is colder than the interior temperature. The driver was probably trying to slow down to no avail :)
I-44 would have slowed him down -- the left lane just ends, that's correct it just ends just before you get to downtown St. Louis -- the surviving left lane suddenly make a 90-degree right turn onto a surface street (no kidding) -- the two remaining lanes become a ramp on a fly-over I-55. MAP

Mik said...

Maybe his ice cream was melting and he needed to get it to a freezer fast.

at 9-degrees, he could have just opened the window!

my guess would be that he was headed to the nudie nightclubs on the Illinois side -- or maybe to a casino

siren said...

When I lived in the city, there was this ice cream truck that would cruise through the "hood" really late at midnight. Me thinks he wasn't selling ice cream. Could be the same guy :)
probably aliens looking for abductees

Bruce said...

Coulda been David Lee Roth...
it's St. Louis, more likely Kathie Lee Gifford

Ben Heller said...

or The Smashing Pumpkins
we smash pumpkins on Halloween, for Presidents-Day weekend we just get smashed :-)

Spinster said...

I don't think it was actually an ice cream truck - it was just supposed to look like one. The question is, what was it? Here are some suggestions:

1. super-secret terrorism plot (how to infiltrate every neighborhood and collect America's youth, then make a fast getaway) <==a hot waffe truck would have made more sense
2. super-secret anti-terrorism plot (how to get past road-side attacks and skirmishes without drawing attention or alarming the public) <== 'cuz speeding ice cream trucks on an Interstate dar so little attention in the Winter...
3. men in black<==black car in for repairs, the ice cream truck was a loner???
4. monster garage road test<==the very first monster truck is actually on display next to I-270
5. ben and jerry got drunk in L.A. and made a bet of who could drive back to vermont the fastest. The truck was just the silly part that sounded fun when they were wasted.<==what was Jerry driving???

that was fun Spin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graham said...

Picking up a girl in an ice cream truck worked for Steve Buscemi in 'Trees Lounge'
and, there were so many girls out along the freeway in sub-freezing temperature!!!!! :)