Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I want it to be Spring. I want the trees to have leaves.

I want to get that damn ball of paper into the wastebasket --
not easy with that dmn fan blowing.


The Phoenix said...

I love this game. You can also find this one on www.funny-games.biz.

My best score has been 19 in a row. I think I got so used to the fan blowing, that I missed a shot when the fan was barely on.

I haven't played since.
be a guy! play til you get 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Heller said...

I was never tall enough for basketball, and I think I need glasses, because I've just tried that and I'm hopeless.
not tall enough for waste-basket ball -- wow -- that is REALLY short

stan said...

After being firewalled at work, I finally came home and played! I managed 25 before my eyelids got too heavy.

I could play this for hours!!

Great link Jim!!!
did you try flowing sand -- I figured we would lose you for days with that one

stan said...

I haven't tried the sand from home yet. At work all I get is a blank gray screen, which tells me that I have to install something, which I am not allowed to do. So maybe later...