Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Call Leno...

Guard, as in Guard, v. guard·ed, guard·ing, guards
v. tr. To protect from harm by or as if by watching over


:P fuzzbox said...

That headline is a great visual.

I figure that you have probably seen this as you scan the web for out of the ordinary games and things to do. But I was told of this game that no one can go past level five. Level Three is a b$tch. Here it is.
running late tonight, I'll try it tomorrow

The Phoenix said...

Pefect one Jim!

Maybe it's a special dump that needs protection.

Or perhaps the guards ate too many tacos.
this is about as blue as it gets here

Ben Heller said...

I wonder if they can equate similarities to chads
more of that subtle British humour - huh?????