Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Maybe it's just me...

but the best part of the Olympics is the music.
Takes a few seconds to start.


The Phoenix said...

It makes me want to go running with something on fire!

Jim, can you explain to me how you did that? Getting the mp3 on your blog?
Could you e-mail me at thephoenixweb@lycos.com? Thanks!
"running with something on fire" <==thought that was something the villagers did almost every night over there in the boonies :)

Ben Heller said...

No guitars ! John Williams did it. I didn't know that.
great arrangement!

is the European Hymn (Ode to Joy) used for anything except the Olympics?

Is "Olympic Games" redundant?

Ben Heller said...

I don't know Jim.

We hardly have any printed media coverage of the games over here so I can't say.

Sorry, there was a big deal over the Austrian team and the drugs issue.

To be honest, I think the British apathy towards Olympic sports is partly created by the drug issues, and the fact that there is a lot of question marks over what one considers to be amateur and professional sport. We can't distinguish, so we tend to avoid.