Saturday, February 11, 2006

This evening's episode of dave-speak

Jim: Are you going out?

Dave: Chinese is okay.

This is typical dave-speak, he has just jumped ahead in the conversation, letting out what he thinks is obvious.

If David were of this planet, this is what the conversation would have been:

Jim: Are you going out?

Dave: No.

Jim: What should we eat?

Dave: Chinese is okay.

Dave-speak makes his parents crazy, I think it's just fun.

The oddest one that I can remember was:

Jim: Where's Rooty.

Dave: Post Office.


Ben Heller said...

It's like playing a chess game with Dave. He's thinking a couple of moves ahead.
Ben -- great way to describe dave-speak!!!! -- Jim

SUN 9:31AM/SUN 3:31AM

Spinster said...

Jim, does this mean that you eat chinese food????
even if wew have regular food for dinner, Rooty and I still go to McDonald's for actual food about 11 or midnight