Thursday, February 16, 2006

Monday is Presidents Day (oh boy!)...

But what do you know about the Vice Presidents?

Here's an interesting quiz
...with great explanations of the answers.

[Ben -- check out the photographs of the author of the quiz -- he's been to Warwick Castle!]


Anonymous said...

OK, I have given it some thought, but wonder if you could provide the enlightenment? Where was Rooty when the Dave-speak answer was: "Post Office"?
He was telling me that Rooty was in the car.

When Rooty was a little puppy, the lady at the drive-through at the local post office insisted that I put him in the drawer. You should have see the look on his little face when he popped up on the other side. He then disappear into the post office so everyone could see him. She then brought him back, put him back in the drawer, and he popped up on my side. I can only imagine what the people in the cars behind us thought about all this. So, Rooty loves to go to the post office.

Roots also will NOT come if he is called. If you want him to come, you have to use a magic word: Dustbuster, vacuum, shovel, hose, McDonald's, or post office. You can also turn on a dustbuster or vacuum cleaner, or drag a shovel across the driveway (the neighborhood favorite). Dave probably had him outside and could not find him, so he probably yelled "post office." Rooty came at 100 mph, to Dave's car, expecting to go for a ride.

So, the conversation without dave-speak:

Jim: Where's Rooty

Dave: He's in my car.

Jim: Where are you going?

Dave: To the post office.

Jim: Do you need stamps?

Dave: No. I didn't know where Rooty was so I yelled "post office."

Jim: Say "hi" to XXXXXX for me.

The Phoenix said...

Geez...I guess I don't know too much about Veeps. I got only 9 right, and maybe four of them were total guesses.
you did better than I did, surprising facts about some of them

Bruce said...

Nothing says Presidents Day like a sale at your local Ford dealer...
yep, nothing honors a dead president like a good deal on a Crown Victoria

The Phoenix said...

It's storming here...what weird weather is this! It'll be making it's way over to your side of the river shortly.
oops! I'm actually on a high hill on the Missouri River to the west of you, I should have warned you it was coming. I'm heading hack to Illinois as soon as the storm on the St. Clair, Union, Villa Ridhe, Pacific, Eureka path clears. The temperature is supposed to drop 40 degrees! The St. Louis TV stations are not making much over it, but it's not near Chesterfield yet so they don't care.

Ben Heller said...

Jim, I was hopeless on those questions. I know a reasonable amount about 20th century presidents (particularly FDR) but VP's I struggle on
Few people know anything about the Vice Presidents, unless they get a lake named after them: Lake Barkley

Mik said...

rap on the vice presidents, but I've been to Warwick Castle!

did you visit Ben?

Ben Heller said...

I now feel informed Jim. Thankyou. No Lake Nixon yet I see ?
There are a couple Lake Nixons, but I doubt they were named for him. He was the only person to have been elected twice to the Vice Presidency and twice to the Presidency, and the only president to have resigned that office. Bill Clinton consulted him on a regular basis, and brought him back into the official loop. Clinton was asked to deliver his eulogy.

Ben Heller said...

We should rename a lake over here in honour of FDR.

My presidential hero.
FDR saved the family farms in this area, Missourians seem to have forgotten that, but not here in Illinois -- I like Eleanor more, she had guts!