Sunday, February 12, 2006


David wears headphones and listens to music almost all the time. He usually sings along whenever he's wearing the headphones. That means -- since the songs that he listens to have no intelligible nor discernible lyrics -- that you can tell where he is by listening for the "da dah say the dah boom trip say the far da dah" as he moves from room to room.

He's going back home to Missouri later today, so he can be there for Valentine's Day. I asked him why. He said "Better odds." He'll be back in the middle of the week.


:P fuzzbox said...

Gotta go with the odds.
bet he used a calculation :)

Willow said...

All the really hot babes are in Missouri.
LOL -- I'll give him your number!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Heller said...

So when he's back. more stimulating conversation.
yep, cuz a rest of us don't know nuttin 'bout talkin

The Phoenix said...

Nothing says romance like, Missouri. That took second place in the voting of our state motto.
I thought it was "Missouri: No One's Not Making Money Off Our Taxpayers"